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Crayon Duo

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Double ended jumbo pencil perfect to correct, highlight and enhance the brow line. Suitable for all skin types, Its creamy texture with a powdery finish makes for an easy application.

  • Made in Germany
  • Capacity - 5.02 g - 0.177 oz

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How does it work?

✓ Matte side
Perfect as a corrector for under eye, on blemishes and right under the brow line to hide any small regrowth.
✓ Pearly side
Soft highlighter with a creamy texture ideal to highlight the high points of the face.
✓ Antioxidant ingredients
Protects against pollution and UV rays.
✓ Glow-boosting
Light luminous creamy formula.

What's Inside?

Castor Oil
Very thick and dense oil, similar to keratin, a protein naturally present in the skin. This oil strengthens, nourishes and hydrates in depth.
Vitamin E
Excellent antioxidant that protects against pollution and UV rays. It also possesses moisturizing and anti-inflammatory action.

How to use Crayon Duo

  • To shape your brows:
  1. Hide potential small brow regrowth with matte shade
  2. Illuminate the upper brow line with the matte side and highlight the brow bone with the pearly shade.
  3. Then blend with the tip of your finger or with the BRUSH N ° 2 for the complexion.
  4. The matte shade can also be used as under eye concealer, to hide small blemishes or as an eye shadow primer to ensure adhesion and long-lasting makeup.
  • To contour and highlight your complexion:
  1. Use the matte shade on various key zones: between and below the brows, dark circles, nasolabial folds, chin folds, etc.
  2. Apply the pearly shade on the high points of your face like the brow bone, the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, Cupid's bow, etc.
  3. Blend with the tip of your finger or with the BRUSH N° 2 for the complexion.

Crayon Duo FAQs

Can you put highlighter on top of concealer ?

Yes absolutely. Our textures are very light so your makeup will never look heavy. The concealer will help hide little regrowth or blemishes and using the highlighter on top, will catch the light perfectly and define your features.

Is it better to apply the product with a brush or fingers?

We love using our fingers to apply and blend both the concealer and highlighter (make sure your hands are clean of course). Thanks to your body heat, it will blend and disperse better than a brush. Of course, using a brush will also allow you to achieve your desired result.

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