pH Reactive Lip balm

Baume Magique

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Moisturizing and universal lip balm that enhances the color of the lips by reacting to the pH and temperature of the skin.

  • Made in Italy
  • Capacity - 3g - 0.10 oz

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How does it work?

✓ pH reactive
Provides your lips with a super-wearable personalized color.
✓ Multi-purpose
Applied on the eyelids and cheeks it makes for the perfect color blush and eyeshadow.
✓ Deeply hydrating
Contains Shea butter which boosts skin moisture and has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
✓ UV protection
SPF 15

What's Inside?

Vitamin E
Plays an important role in photoprotection, preventing UV damage to the skin. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it protects and repairs the skin.
Shea Butter
Rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, it moisturizes, protects and softens the skin in all seasons.
Bring, in a thin layer of balm, light, comfort and moisturize the lips.
Gelling agents
Offer a delicate, soft and creamy touch.
Pigments reactive to pH
Allow a personalized color.

How to use Baume Magique

  • Apply alone as a lip balm for a natural and repairing look, or under your lipstick for a tailor-made result.
  • Apply it after your lipstick and discover another unique shade.
  • Some of our clients love to apply it on the cheeks and eyelids for a glowy and natural makeup!
  • Continue the CHADO comfort ritual for the lips by applying HUILE CRISTAL in the evening.

Baume Magique FAQs

When I apply Baume Magique, the color is never the same, is it normal?

The pH of your skin can change depending with what it comes into contact with, your diet or even sleep. This means that, because Baume Magique is pH reactive, if anything is affecting the level of pH of your skin, the color of the balm will be different and that is completely normal.

What makes Baume Magique better than other lip balms?

At CHADO, all our makeup products are created with then intention of taking care of your skin while you wear them. Our Baume Magique has some deeply hydrating, repairing and protective ingredients which will keep your lips from becoming dry and reduce signs of premature aging (because yes, your lips age too…).

Can I apply a gloss on top of the balm for a glossier look?

Yes of course. It’s especially great if your lips are chapped or need a little extra moisture. Plus, you’ll be able to create a new glossy lip color by mixing Baume Magique and the gloss.

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