Eyebrow Brush N ° 4


Brush made of firm synthetic fibers created to structure and discipline eyebrows and lashes with precision.

Firm synthetic fiber brush created to groom and structure eyebrows and eyelashes with precision.

Easy to clean.

Style and blend according to your desires...


Synthetic fibers.
Handle: wood.
Ferrule: nickel-plated brass.

Directions for use

We recommend brushing your eyebrows and eyelashes morning and evening. Styling them before applying any product will help get rid of any impurities. This brush will also enable you to blend any excess matter deposited on your eyebrows and remove any residue. Used after applying the MASCARA DIVIN or the MASCARA NATUREL PARFAIT it will separate the lashes one by one and give you a natural finish. 

For better maintenance, we recommend removing, after each use, any excess makeup by wiping the brush with a soft cloth. If the brush has an unpleasant odor or too much makeup residue, it is possible to wash it (only up to the ferrule) with lukewarm water and a gentle soap or shampoo. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

Be careful not to use detergents or dry the brush with a hairdryer. Ambient-air drying will allow the brush to return to its natural shape. Regular maintenance will keep the natural suppleness and elasticity of the fiber.