Brow Pencil

Brow Boost

€38,00 Incl. VAT

Long-lasting eyebrow pencil with tiny fibers to create volume and naturally fill eyebrows.

  • Made in Germany
  • Capacity - 1.148 g - 0.0405 oz
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How does it work?

✓ Natural pigments
Softly deepen and fill in the brows to help volume-up sparse areas.
✓ Vegetable wax-based formula
Provides long-lasting wear that resists perspiration and humidity and fixes hair.
✓ Precise application
Thanks to tiny fiber and a thin tip.
✓ Hydrates the brows
Contains natural ingredients such as castor oil that deeply strengthens and hydrates.
Zoomed-in image of Brow Boost pencil's castor oil and carnauba wax ingredients, emphasizing hydration and nourishment.

What's Inside?

Carnauba Wax
Helps to strengthen eyebrow hair in depth
Castor Oil
Strengthens, nourishes and hydrates the brows in depth

How to use Brow Boost

  • Before starting your makeup, we recommend using the MASCARA NATUREL PARFAIT to brush and set your eyebrows.
  • To create a natural shading, outline the eyebrow line at the root with the pencil's tip.
  • Blend using the BRUSH N ° 4.
  • For a more intense finish, draw soft lines inside the eyebrow, respecting the direction of hair growth.

Brow Boost FAQs

What color brow pencil should I choose ?

If you have light hair, it’s best to go for a shade or two darker. If you have dark hair, try going one to two shades lighter than your actual color. This will make your brows look a lot more natural.

How long does the brow pencil last ?

Our Brow Boost is long lasting so will last all day until you decide to remove it.

Can I use the brow pencil as eyeliner ?

We do not recommend using our Brow Boost near or around your waterline. However, we have some other products, such as the Pommade Crême Suprême which can be used as both.

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