Cupping Set Visage


Designed to mimic the cosmetic therapy of facial cupping, this set will enhance your skin and give you a luminous complexion.

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100% Genuine

Promote collagen production
Cupping stimulates the skin cells

Improves blood and oxygen circulation
Will brighten the complexion and imrpove the skin appearance

Manual Facelift
Skin is toned and firmer

Application Tips

How to use Cupping Set Visage

  • Before you start, apply some face oil or cream.
  • Work one side at a time.
  • Gently squeeze the air out of the white silicone balloon and place the tip on your skin.
  • Release the pressure by lifting and stimulating while maintaining contact.
  • Glide and sweep up and out towards your ear. Continue this movement on your face until you reach the area under the eyes.

Caution: Do not stay on an area for more than 5 seconds, as this may cause bruising.

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