Lip Liner

€19,00 Incl. VAT

A richly pigmented lip liner with a silky-matte finish to define the outline of your lips.

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How does it work?

✓ Accentuate your lips
Use it to create an outline of your lip shape or fill your entire lips
✓ Creamy
Formula glides on effortlessly
✓ Works with
All different lip textures: gloss, matte

How to use Lip Liner

Create an outline of your lip shape or fill your entire lips before applying your favourite lip product. 

Lip Liner FAQs

What is the purpose of a lip liner? 

Lip liners helps to shape the lips and give a more defined look. Lip liners can also help lipsticks last longer. You can use them to fill in the lips before applying lipstick. This will help the lipstick adhere better to the lips and stop it from fading away as well as fill in any uneven areas. 

How should I choose my lip liner? 

The rule we usually go for is: Always go for the same color family. The lipstick and liner don’t need to be identical but should be the same shades. For example, if you have a red lipstick choose a red lipliner if you go for a purple liner, it will tend to clash with your lipstick.

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