Ombres & Lumières Blush

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Give your complexion a gorgeous natural, dewy color with our cream blushes.

  • Made in Italy
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How to use Ombres & Lumières Blush

As Blush

  • Apply blush to the apple of your cheeks. Unsure where that is ?
  • Smile big and blend your color right onto the high point of your cheek.
  • Blend outwards and upwards for a softer look. You can use either a brush or your fingers.

As Eyeshadow

  • You can create your cream eye shadow look with a small makeup brush or a clean fingertip.
  • Gently dab cream eye shadow onto the center of your lid near the lash line.
  • Lightly swipe the color toward the outer and inner corners from there.

On Lips

  • Use your finger to apply on your lips.
  • Start with one layer and build the intensity by adding more.

Ombres & Lumières Blush FAQs

When should I use the cream blush?

Cream blush and cream makeup products in general are especially great for dry or more mature skin as it gives extra moisture. Cream blush is also ideal when you’re looking for a softer, more dewy and glowy look.

Will the cream blush look greasy on my skin after a while ?

No absolutely not. We've tested and formulated the product to ensure it had a non greasy texture and perfectly blends into the skin for the perfect glow. Our blushes are also long-lasting so the color and feel will stay in place all day.

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