It’s a blend of accessibility and acceptance. We now have greater access to inspiration, like YouTube tutorials and Instagram trends, as well as to diverse brands and evolving fashion trends. And there’s a decrease in societal judgment. I firmly believe the influence of the “Drag Queen”, makeup aesthetic has permeated our everyday appearance (think: glitter makeup, well-defined brows, lips, and cheekbones). Not to downplay this—such makeup techniques, including blending, contouring, and shadowing, demand expertise and some level of knowledge and skill.

Perhaps the Queens have also played a role in shaping this trend—the way we meticulously shape and refine our brows and applying our makeups with a Queen's flair in mind. Personal preferences are now more celebrated, particularly in bustling urban areas. Population density and market saturation contribute to the challenge of standing out or making an impact in the beauty world revolution.

During my upbringing, makeup wasn’t a focal point, and sporting unique, vibrant hair colors like blue, pink, or purple was considered daring. Today, it’s commonplace, embraced by individuals of all ages!

How do you express yourself authentically?

I believe in speaking my mind without filters. In my view, honesty should prevail even when it’s uncomfortable! Of course, applying makeup the way you look stunning is a form of self-expression. Your choice of attire and activities—whether it's fashion, sports (such as tennis, running, or yoga), or other pursuits—always communicates something about you. Personal style is a beautiful thing; it’s what adds flavor to the beauty of life.

How do you overcome creative blocks?

Clearing my to-do list is essential to clearing my mind. I'll admit, I'm prone to procrastination and often leave tasks until the last minute, forcing myself to complete them. Additionally, indulging in a girls' getaway (complete with wine, delicious food, and of course beauty products which will enhance and add your self-confidence is a must) is rejuvenating and helps me regain clarity.

How would you describe your personal beauty aesthetic?

I enjoy experimenting with various fashion styles and dressing up for different occasions. Natural makeup looks are a favorite of mine, but I also love to glam up for nighttime outings, envisioning outfit and makeup combinations throughout the day before executing the perfect look.

What are your must-have makeup products?

Aside from my fashion ensembles, I adore Chado's Tinted Lip Balm for its moisturizing properties and touch of red hue, along with their natural finish primer, Mascara, and Brow liners. Simplicity reigns supreme, and Chado Cosmetics offers beauty products that prioritize ease of use, comforting scents, and natural ingredients for genuine beauty.

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