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MONTS & MERVEILLES – cream texture

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Sculpting palette for the face which enables to illuminate the complexion and redefine your features with a combination of light and shadows. The palette comes in a beautiful case with an integrated mirror and is protected by a premium suede-like pouch. Carefully elaborated for optimal use and easy application, this refillable palette consists of four tinted creams (OMBRES & LUMIERES) and one colorless compact HD powder (POUDRE ESSENTIELLE HD). These highly pigmented creams have a silky, soft, covering and non-greasy texture perfect for an easy application. When in contact with the skin, the cream becomes a microfine powder with a long-lasting effect. Its velvety, yet ultralight formula offers a subtle finish. The skin remains fresh all day long. Thanks to its ultra-light texture, this compact HD powder will help to unify the skin tone with a matte effect.

Suitable for all skin types.

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Capacity5 x 18 g - 5 x 0,63 oz

Product composition

Tinted complexion creams (OMBRES & LUMIERES) :
- A specific blend of ingredients that marks a breakthrough in classical blurring actives. It uses high-tech ingredients and intelligent particles to reflect light and balance the complexion. It also acts as a line filler and conceals signs of ageing.
- Extremely refined talc ensuring the skin balance.
- Silicon binder system which enhances the product’s sensorial performances and lets the skin breathe.


Compact colorless HD powder (POUDRE ESSENTIELLE HD) :
PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica : stem cells extracts from a rare Swiss apple which increase the longevity of skin cells.
Esters for softness and long-lasting effect.
Starch, polymer by-product, which has a mattifying power and absorbs the excess sebum.
Synthetic Mica which provides a creamy texture and enables a homogeneous application."

Pro tips

Before starting your contouring, prepare your skin with the CREME GENEREUSE and your complexion with your usual products.

Start by shading the parts you want to dim, then illuminate the parts of the face you want to highlight. The MONTS & MERVEILLES palette exists in 2 shades, choose the one more compatible with your natural skin tone. Apply the product using the PINCEAU N°2, then blend with the PINCEAU N°1. once your complexion done, for a more intense effect, you can also highlight some key points of your face with the tinted OMBRES & LUMIERES powders. Set your makeup using the POUDRE ESSENTIELLE HD.

This palette can also be used as eye shadow. In this case, apply the chosen color with the PINCEAU PRECISION N°3 for the EYES.

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