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Offer beauty products for a trendy look !

This kit is composed by :
– the MONTS & MERVEILLES palette powder texture,  a sculpting refillable palette for the face, which enables, through light and shadows, to illuminate the complexion and highlight the face’s assets,
– the POUDRE VELOURS brown, for a perfect brows shape and a light sophisticated smoky eye,
– the GLOSS EXQUIS rose tendre, a long lasting gloss subtly shaded for fresh lips.

The must ? This kit is composed by classical size products.
* You will find a CHADO shopping bag and its link to tie for a nice package !

More Info

Product composition

Tinted complexion powders (OMBRES & LUMIERES) :
- This specific blend of ingredients sets a revolutionary improvement in classical blurring actives. It uses high-tech ingredients and intelligent particles to reflect light and balance the complexion. It also acts as a line filler and conceals signs of ageing.
- Extremely refined talc ensuring the skin balance.
- Silicon binder system which enhances the product’s sensorial performances and lets the skin breathe.
- Innovative powder which enables to control the skin’s sebum secretion.

Compact colorless HD powder (POUDRE ESSENTIELLE HD) :
PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica : stem cells extracts from a rare Swiss apple which increase the longevity of skin cells.
Esters for softness and long-lasting effect.
Starch, polymer by-product, for a matt finish and to absorb sebum excess.
Specific Silicone to create the powder’s creamy texture and guarantee its homogeneous application.
Synthetic Mica : provides a creamy texture and enables a homogeneous application."

- Dry binder that improves the hold of the product and makes its texture creamy.
- Porous silica with a high absorption power of impurities to enhance product efficiency.
- Ultra-light ester to ensure a velvety and powdered feel on the skin.
- Film-creating polymer giving a 4 dimensional feel to the texture.
- Silicon resin treated pigments imparting great coverage, excellent skin adhesion and creamy sensation.

- Light esters : enable to obtain a thin and comfortable protective film on the lips, while keeping them soft and supple.
- Blend of bright polymers : provide a bright and brillant finish to the texture.
- High viscosity oils : bring soft care to the lips without drying them, thanks to its film. Its maintains the hydratation of the lips.
- Gelifying agents : giving a soft and creamy touch to the texture.

Pro tips

Start by shading the parts you want to dim, then illuminate the face’s assets you want to enhance. Apply shades with the PINCEAU N°2, then blend with the PINCEAU N°1. We recommend the use of POUDRE ESSENTIELLE HD, after the application of the creams to fixate the makeup.

Eyebrows application (1) :
Fill in the line delimitation by tracing light lines with the applicator, imitating the hairs and creating the desired shape.
Shade off possible surplus and comb your eyebrows with PINCEAU BROSSE N°4 for eyes. To create natural shade in the eyebrow, remove the powder on the applicator with the PINCEAU BROSSE N°4 and apply on the eyebrow. Fix the eyebrows makeup with MASCARA NATUREL PARFAIT.
Application as eyeliner (3) :
Draw a line at the base of the eyelashes using the applicator. For a graphic effect, drop a little of product on the back of the hand and draw with the previously moisturized PINCEAU PRECISION N°3.
Application as eye shadow (2) :
Remove the powder along the lash line, then delicately smudge the powder on the mobile eyelid, according to the desired effect, with the PINCEAU PRECISION N°3 for the eyes.
Application as khol (4) :
Hold the applicator horizontally on the lower lash line. Close the eye, proceed by back and forth movements to drop off the pigment evenly. Then curl superior and inferior eyelids. Master the ancestral gestures in the manner of Cleopatra …

Its light shade enables you to apply it alone or on your lipstick, to create a personal touch.

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