Harmonizing Insomnia Solutions: Re-balancing Sleep Therapy

Achieving a serene night's rest has become an ongoing challenge in the 21st century, particularly amidst the demanding era of Covid-19.

Sleep remains elusive for many; Although Doctors and Wellness Practitioners emphasize the importance of a good night’s sleep above all else, a significant number of people suffer from sleep disorders, including Insomnia.

Before we delve into its remedies, let’s delve a little deeper and comprehend the significance of Insomnia.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is a prevalent sleep disorder wherein a person experiences difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. The condition can manifest in either of the following:

  • Acute Insomnia – Lasts from 1 night to a few weeks.
  • Chronic Insomnia – Persists for at least three nights a week (3 months or more).

What triggers Insomnia?

Attributes Insomnia to factors ranging from medical conditions and ever-changing work schedules to mental ailments such as Stress, Depression, or Anxiety.

Qi (pronounced “chee”) is the fundamental energy that circulates within our body, serving as the driving force. According to TCM, disruption or imbalance in the flow of Qi is what causes Insomnia, or any other ailment for that matter.

Symptoms of Insomnia may include:

  • Lack of concentration or focus.
  • Unusual forgetfulness.
  • Daytime sleepiness or fatigue.
  • Waking up exhausted.

What can be done for Insomnia?

Maintain good Sleep hygiene/Sleep Habits. A conducive bedroom environment, a relaxing pre-bed routine, and a consistent sleep schedule contribute to good sleep hygiene. Effective sleep habits regulate your body’s natural circadian rhythms, thereby streamlining the entire sleep process. Consequently, the moment you lay your head down, sleep comes effortlessly.

Explore Massage Therapy for Insomnia

Massage is a well-known therapeutic remedy for alleviating stress, one of the common causes of Insomnia. Massage reduces cortisol (a stress hormone) and increases serotonin (the happy chemical) in your body, all contributing to a good night’s sleep.

Addressing bodily discomfort becomes imperative if it hinders your ability to sleep. Pain disrupts sleep, while Insomnia exacerbates pain, creating an unpleasant loop. Massage can help alleviate physical discomfort, promoting deep sleep. Contemporary challenges often disrupt our daily lives and sleep patterns, potentially leading to conditions like Insomnia. By reassessing certain lifestyle choices and supporting our body’s innate healing abilities through massages, we can restore Qi balance, ultimately fostering a rejuvenating slumber. The main objectives of the rebalancing sleep treatment is to detoxify, relax and re-balance the mind and body. In order to do this, there is specialized focus in this massage on the head massage and reflexology, practiced at Chado Wellness Center, Dubai, recognizes the root cause as an imbalance of Qi.

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