Restrictions are slowly being lifted around the world and the end of the pandemic is finally (hopefully) in sight. As this chapter of our lives draws to a close, we thought we'd highlight four milestones the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the beauty industry and its consumers. The pandemic may be over soon, but these changes are sure to be lasting.


1. Focus on the eyes

With mask-wearing in public, eyes and eyebrows have taken center stage. There has been a surge in all eye-enhancing products, as well as new makeup trends. Whether it's a swipe of graphic eyeliner, bold and colorful eyeshadow, or Euphoria-inspired eye makeup, we've seen it all during the pandemic. The eyes have been the only real means of non-verbal communication, and the phrase “the eyes are the reflection of the soul” couldn't have been more apt. However, the eyes aren't the only thing exposed, your brows are too, and over the past two years we've seen an increase in treatments such as brow lifts for more structured, thicker and fuller brows. . Additionally, products such as our Pajama Treatment, to lift and set your brows, have also seen an increase in sales. If there's one positive takeaway from this pandemic, it's that people have finally realized the importance of taking care of their natural eyebrows as they frame the gaze and balance the face.


2. More natural looks

High coverage foundations or red lips have taken a back seat over the past couple of years. Most people are working from home, wearing masks and socializing a lot less, which has allowed us to see an increase in so-called natural makeup. Consumers are now looking for products that will allow them to be a better version of themselves, with natural-looking skin. The point of these makeup looks is that you feel and look “healthy”. What you decide to put on your skin not only affects your outward appearance, but also plays a role in how you feel mentally. We've all opted for full-coverage concealer when we suddenly had a breakout, but today it's all about celebrating your skin on its good days and its bad.


3. Boost skincare

More natural makeup has meant an increase in skincare. Consumers no longer necessarily turn to make-up for perfect skin, but have instead developed their skincare routine. As we focus more on ourselves, skin health has become a priority, even more so when we've seen the damage masks can cause. Facials, like the ones we offer in our store or products for irritated skin, have taken a huge boost as people try to combat the dreaded "maskne". Shopping habits have also changed and we have seen consumers pay more attention to ingredients. This pandemic has highlighted consumers' desire to use products labeled "clean", "natural" and "cruelty-free". Everything CHADO firmly believes in.


4. Brand authenticity

Consumers have turned to more authentic brands with a clear purpose and message. As a result, brands have understood the importance of developing their marketing strategy to reflect what they stand for to attract new consumers and retain existing customers. The pandemic has generated a fundamental shift in the way customers perceive brands and their products. We all want to see what the company gives back to society, how it treats its customers and staff, and whether it is genuinely committed to its values. Transparency has therefore become the key to brand development. At CHADO, we make sure that every product we create and every service we offer is carried out with the utmost respect for our customers and our values. These have been and always will be at the heart of everything we do.

As the pandemic ends, we are excited to see these changes taking place and new rituals emerging.

September 11, 2023 — Noemie Selvi