At CHADO Cosmetics, we believe the new year is the perfect time to start fresh. Forget all your past beauty mistakes and focus on the next 365 days. We've all made resolutions in the past, which very often never last past mid-February, but this year is different. Instead of making unachievable resolutions, focus on these five simple resolutions for your beauty routine.

1. Always remove your makeup

We all know how tempting it is to go to bed after a long day or night without removing makeup or cleansing our skin because we can barely keep our eyes open. And you probably thought, like us, that it was not so bad to wait until the next day and do a deep cleaning. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work that way. While you sleep, your makeup can mix with the dirt and oil accumulated throughout the day on your skin, clogging your pores and causing breakouts. We don't want to force you to do a 10-step routine. On days when you come home late or are tired, just clean your face well with cotton soaked in micellar water.

2. Add eyebrow and eyelash care to your routine

    Since the creation of our brand, we have wanted to offer you products that would allow you to highlight and celebrate your natural beauty. Taking care of your eyebrows means they will be thicker and fuller. Just be sure to apply a nourishing and strengthening oil in the evening before bed. As for your eyelashes, to get long, voluminous eyelashes without mascara or eyelash extensions, use a daily serum and you will see the appearance of your eyelashes change within a few weeks.


    3. Read ingredient lists

      Learning to read cosmetic labels and understanding the ingredients is important because it will help you make informed decisions every time you buy or use a product. Most importantly, be prepared to spot inconsistencies. Often, when a product is labeled “cruelty-free,” it simply refers to the product, not necessarily the ingredients. The product itself may not be tested on animals, but some components may. Be sure to research safe ingredients, and choose brands that align with your values.


      4. Wash your makeup brushes

      Makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt. If you don't clean them often, you'll spread bacteria to your skin every time you put on makeup. Having dirty makeup brushes can therefore lead to rashes and other skin infections. The optimist in us would tell you to wash your brushes at least once a week. However, we agree that keeping these resolutions 2-3 times a month is a good start.


      5. Be consistent with your skincare routine

        Consistency is key when it comes to skin care. You don't need a 10-step routine every day. 3 or 4 key steps are enough. Just make sure you do them every day. On days when you have a little extra time, everything you do will add up to your regular routine as a bonus. The results will not be immediate, but you will be surprised to see the regularity results.

        While these resolutions may not seem too difficult to follow, the key is to stick with them over the long term to let your natural beauty shine through.

        September 11, 2023 — Noemie Selvi