Quel est le produit CHADO le plus adapté à votre signe astrologique ?

What’s the Best CHADO Product for you based on your zodiac sign?

From our Crème Généreuse to our Monts & Merveilles Palette, find out which CHADO product is best for you based on your zodiac sign.

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Comment créer un maquillage frais et lumineux qui dure toute la journée

How to create a dewy makeup look that lasts all day

Luminous, dewy makeup is one of the most sought out trends to wear all year round. Here are our top tips for anyone looking to achieve the perfect dewy look and make sure it lasts! 

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5 résolutions beauté pour 2022

5 beauty resolutions for 2022

At CHADO Cosmetics, we believe the new year is a time to start fresh. Forget all of your past beauty mistakes and focus on doing better for the next 365 days. We've all made resolutions in the past, which very often never last past mid-February, but this year is different. Instead of making unachievable resolutions focus on these five simple ones to kick start your beauty routine and set the tone for 2022.

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L’impact de la pandémie sur l’industrie de la beauté en 4 étapes

4 ways the pandemic has impacted the beauty industry

 Restrictions are slowly being lifted worldwide and the end of the pandemic is finally (hopefully) in sight. As this chapter in our life comes to an end, we thought we would highlight four ways the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the beauty industry and its consumers. The pandemic might be over soon, but these changes are here to stay. 

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