Beauty in all simplicity

CHADO is a pioneer brand thanks to the composition of natural and non-toxic makeup-care products. We work with innovative formulas, textures and pigments to offer the best of beauty to all women, with quality and efficiency.

A word from the designer

"My first years in Geneva were imbued and inspired by those I love, the days, the emotions, the smells. My father, a chef, would take me on a journey in his pots and pans. He was authentic and true to his beliefs. He taught me important lessons: always be curious, love life, work, and take care of your family. I have always loved creating, drawing, being in nature and inventing new recipes with local products and authentic ingredients. My beauty routines remind me of the aromas of my childhood. In 2015, I chose to direct my work solely towards creation...That is how CHADO, a contraction of the two first names of my daughter Charlotte-Dolores, was born. I wanted to take care of you, of us, and accompany you in your daily beauty routines, only with the essential: we are our choices. I believe the simpler the better and the products I have created focus on the essential: easy gestures, warm and reassuring scents, natural ingredients for beauty in all sincerity."

- Sylvia Rossel


CHADO is a brand that loves life, nature and animals. Therefore, we are committed not to use any component resulting from animal testing.

Our main ingredient is the PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica, a biotechnology created from the “Uttwiler Spätlauber” an old Swiss apple variety. It contains plant stem cells which increase the vitality and longevity of epidermal stem cells and slow down their aging.

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CHADO, a Swiss concept

The products are imagined as one paints pictures and draw their inspiration from the surrounding nature: the strength of the slate stone, the unequalled purity of the mountains, the lakes, the water, the beauty and softness of the sunsets. But not only...

There is also Geneva's spirit, its personality, its temperament. A certain "savoir-vivre", a balance, a harmony. A human-sized city, cradled by the tranquility of Lake Geneva, protected by the mountain ranges and softened by the surrounding countryside. But also a cosmopolitan city, ideally located in the heart of Europe, where the best of luxury, high technology and biotechnology mix. Geneva is the subtle combination of authenticity, age-old traditions and innovation.

These fundamental values define CHADO, aimed at every woman who wishes to sublimate their natural beauty with high-quality, innovative, elegant products.

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Eyebrows: Give balance to the face

CHADO is born from this firm conviction: eyes are the window to the soul. Eyebrows, therefore, which frame your eyes and give balance to the face must sublimate your gaze. For daily makeup to remain a real moment of pleasure, CHADO offers women the necessary resources to achieve a natural and elegant makeup look, allowing them to accentuate their natural beauty, thus strengthening their self-confidence.

CHADO offers a range of dedicated, easy-to-use formulas and accessories for you to master the gestures of professional makeup at home.

Makeup emphasizes and reinforces facial expressions. While remaining natural, it will sublimate a woman's beauty by highlighting the face's assets and focusing on the true expression of her inner self.



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